Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still here...still spinning...still knitting

Joey's quite a trooper and has charmed the entire staff of the 6th floor of Children's Mercy. We're hoping to be home any day now and return to our normal version of our not-very-normal life soon.

I got a kick out of walking along the hallways and every so often there's a little tuft of fibery fluff seen in odd spots of the hospital. I'm sure the cleaning staff isn't amused, but it makes me smile. I'll be on an entirely different floor, on my way to the Ronald McDonald room for dinner or to the cafeteria or something, get into the elevator and there's a little bit of wine colored fluff...or purple fluff...or gray fluff... or blue. There has been quite a lot of spinning going on.

Knitters rock. Thanks for all the good thoughts & prayers & cards & goodie packets. I have to say one of the favorites was a hallmark card that burps. Yes, burps. Bodily noises are big with 10 yr old boys. The packages of diversionary distraction, movies, visits, emails, rav msgs, paying for my dinner when I accidentally dined & dashed at the knitting guild meeting. cripes almighty. You guys rock.

What did we do before we found all these friends through the online knitting world?

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