Wednesday, January 02, 2008

He may ruin the house and drive me crazy, but the boy gives good presents!

Santa's little helper did a very good job this year and got me a ball winder and a really nice wooden swift. I've spent HOURS winding yarn into cakes and rewinding my old hand-wound balls into cakes. I do love cakes, whether they be chocolate or yarn. OH there's nothing prettier than a freshly wound cake. I've not wound the new yarn I got at Knit Wit's big sale yet, I've got to drag out that little pleasure as there will be a HUGE downturn in the freshly acquired yarn department. Details later, let's just say it's a good damn thing I've got a monstrous stash.

Joey loved his sweater made by his momma! Yeah! He wore it for about 3 days straight and now my mother has decided the whole family needs these wallaby sweaters. Oh, she'd like hers just like Joey's, but washable, ok? Sure mom. Joey's doing his modeling shoot with the "this one the girls will think is hot, mom" shot. Yes, I'm surrounded by dorks. I love them, but they're all dorks.

We've been busy here at the Weasley house. All Christmas decorations are put away snugly in their tubs and stored away in the basement. The boys found the snow and a sled helped get the newspaper up to the recycling bin a little easier.

Much sledding was done, we went to the super hill over by I-435 by corporate woods at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks. The last picture is Jeff and his friend balanced on a giant innertube with his friend's little girl riding on top of the both of them like a pyramid.

The action shot of my hat is the new hat I started because I was feeling left out without having a hand knit needing completion by Christmas. I ended up making TWO of them just the same. I used my Kansas Alpaca yarn I got last year. I them with 2 strands of dk alpaca held together using my Dax Alpaca's Seed Stitch Knited Cap pattern I got in Taos. I love this hat! I gave the other one to my cousin Kelly. Jeff's the one in the pics with the strange elf-looking red tipped hat. It was a gag gift received by his youngest son and is now Jeff's favorite hat.

OH, and I almost forgot. I'm Zimmermanning myself. I'll give details tomorrow since this post is so freaking long. I'm having to recalculate everything because I couldn't get the gauge called for and it's mostly working out. The sleeves are NOT, so the whole thing is now in time out stuffed in my dresser drawer for another day. It's a garter stitch long sweater coat kind of thing from one of the little pamphlets put out by EZ and Meg.

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