Friday, January 11, 2008

Well Darn it!

Guess what new knitting skill I get to learn now? I wasn't actually saying "darn it" when I found the hole. I was saying "it" but I used a little more descriptive word in front of it. I always thought, Oh, I won't ever darn socks. I'll just wear them until they start to give out, realize they've done their job and that'll be the end of them. But these are my MONKEY socks. My very, very favorite pair of socks. Darn it.

Skating party at 4:00 today, gotta get the hanging with the kids thing done while they still think it's cool that their mom likes to roller skate too. I'm sure I'll be a social pyranha soon enough.

How can I say no to toes as prettily dressed as these? Guess I'll have to do some surfing around to find directions of darning. Anyone with points can sure send me info if they'd like.

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