Friday, January 18, 2008

Knock, Knock...

R: Knock, Knock
Me: Who's there?
R: REALITY, turn around, please.
Me: Reality, who? *turns around obediently*
R: Reality THIS! Bwa ha HAAAAAAA *CHOMP! *biting me right in the ass*

Well, it's been nice. Really, really nice. Working from home as a consultant. So very, very nice. Ah well. It's all over. My yarny, happy world has crumbled around me. Good thing I've been budgeting lately, huh? DAMN!

In the last 48 hours I've been told of the "great opportunity" for my future. My company is being sold. My job is going bye bye. Very, very quickly. GREAT opportunity, huh? Ah well. Because I do have a good man as a boss, who talked up my abilities and skills, I also had an interview to work temporarily with the new company. There is actually the potential to have full time employment with a good growing company and work about 5 minutes from home.

I know, I know. Everyone ELSE works in the real world. I've had it good. I know it. I'm just a little bit absolutely freaking out about entering the real world work force again. Big shiny buildings make my innerds all funky. It's not pretty. I only cursed a little bit under my breath while walking into corporation-world central for the meeting. Turning around I heard a man chuckle at me. With how my life usually works, I figured it was the guy set up to interview me, but you know what? I got lucky and he got out on another floor. *whew*

Best interview advice had to come from Teri...I said I was feeling as lost and confused as a newly divorced single momma out in the dating world again. Then I said, oh, yeah, I was REALLY good at dating, so maybe that's not a good example. Teri said, That's it! Just think of it like a date. Then she looked at me, realization set in and she said, um, yeah. Maybe NOT think of it like one of YOUR dates EXACTLY, you know..... a few snorts of laughter later, we figured I'd better just think of it as an interview after all. Instead of lucky panties I wore my lucky socks. I have superhero powers while wearing my mountain colors barefoot socks. 60% superwash wool, 25% mohair, 15% nylon, 48% superabilities. I know the numbers don't add up right, but who'm I to question such amazing sock yarn? I'm a believer, baby.

THANK GOD for good friends and family. You guys rock. You kept me mostly sane and helped me pull my act together pretty damn quick from full freakout mode to interview-ready in a matter of hours. Best part of the day? The fact that the monster sized goiter zit on my chin broke out about 2 hours AFTER the interview. Nothing says competent, professional business woman like a goiter zit on a middle-aged woman's chin, huh? nice.

The hardest part of this whole situation was my nature boy was in GERMANY. (He'll be home by the time you read this for any crazy stalker-people out there.) Across an OCEAN, for cripes sakes. I gotta hand it to the man. I tried to hold out until the end of his big training trip so I didn't ruin his fun, but he could tell something was wrong. When he asked what was bothering me I dumped it all on him in about 5 minutes straight in full crazy-speed-talk-mode. He calmed me down, then called me and left some amazing messages on the answering machine for me throughout the day today. Basically he said that I've always supported him through any troubles and he'd do the same for me....we can get through anything together...he knew I'd be spectacular in the interview, not to worry a bit...and mostly that he loved and believed in me. You know, the man may drive me up the wall sometimes, but THIS is why I love him so. This and the fact that he wears my socks and sweaters with pride.

OH and the police thing? That's now TWICE I've attracted attention from the men in black here while knitting in the car. I think it's because I've switched to metal hiya-hiya double point needles. All that silver flashing or something. Maybe I need wooden needles for car knitting. Hiya-hiya's should come with a warning label.....WARNING: May attract police or impale knitters if held in lap while driving. Yeah, I totally poked myself with one the other day as well. Hard enough to leave a little red dot. That's how crazy good karma's stabbing me in the tummy kicking me in the ass this week.

Thank God it's Friday. This week sucked. I'm ready for a break. I'm gonna curl up in bed and knit and hide for a while. ok?

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