Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Resolutions Schmezolutions

I don't do well with the whole resolutions thing. I will try, don't get me wrong. I just get tired of not completing whatever tasks I set myself. I have found I'm much happier in life with lots of itsy bitsy goals. I can cross so much more of life's list that way and it's not that big of a deal if I don't follow through. Wow, that's really pitiful. Ah well, I'm happy.

I do have one resolution for 2008. I resolve to smile politely and QUIETLY when people point out that I may knit too much and may have a problem. My usual response is to smile not-so-politely and say "BITE ME!"

I'd also like to get a real camera this year and learn to use it. I take sucky pictures. I hate that. Ah well. Bite me.

I sure didn't end up with what I was aiming for on this one. I think I like it, though. I may make the actual long sweater jacket this was supposed to be someday. It was SUPPOSED to be the Long-Collared Jacket-Sweater in Garter Stitch, Spun-Out #32 from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I ended up making a 4 ridge garter stitch border band and bound off knitwise so the braid-like edge matches the phoney seams on the sides. Freakishly deep armholes meant the sleeves would make me crazy on this one. I think it works as a vest though. I'll probably add buttons and pockets down the road. I made the collar increases one at each collar point instead of 2 so it kind of rolls into a tighter shawl collar kind of thing. I'm pleased with myself for making changes and following my knitter's instincts on this one. Yarn was Gjestal Naturgarn, No. 1, dark grey wool from Norway, that I got from Joanna in the local knit guild's yarn swap night. I've still got 4.5 balls of this stuff, I really REALLY like it.

Ok, I apologize to long-time readers that have already heard this story, but the "itsy bitsy" made me flash back to my daughter's preschool days. Even though the girl is usually quiet (NOT like her momma) when she wants to she can be LOUD as heck. Music teachers usually love this and put her in the front row of concerts because she can belt out the songs. Lizzie's preschool teachers asked me to practice new words to the Itsy Bitsy Spider at home with her. Apparently they had to change the words due to a "situation" at a little concert. They went to the old folks' home to sing and there's my daughter in the front row, singing at the top of her lungs, "The ITCHY, BITCHY SPIDER went up the water spout...." I almost swallowed my tongue I was trying so hard not to laugh. The teachers were all in a huff, I think I escaped with a few snorts and covered them well with a coughing spell.

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