Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Various whining and a few cute pics

Ok, the as-short-as-a-rambling-woman-can-make-it version...

Saturday, no yarn crawl for me. Nope. I was ready, all damned dolled up and ready. Wearing cute heels, MERINO sleeveless top, jean capri's and carrying my big ass red leather knitting bag with THREE count them ONE TWO THREE books and two yarn projects to work on in between petting and buying yarn with my girls across Kansas. Not to be. Stupid flat tire, Stupid making it to Firestone only to be told it would take at least four hours to get patched, stupid boyfriend taking kids out to play (ok that part was nice, but still) and not answering his stupid cell phone meant I was WALKING HOME in my stupid heels, jeans capri's and merino wool sleeveless tank carrying a heavy-ass big ol bag. stomping along the road. WHO makes a wool summer top anyway? cripes almighty. I am an idiot. Get home, take shower, call the girls, just start relaxing and then Firestone calls to tell me they HAVE THE DAMN TIRE FIXED. I could have remained there, pleasantly knitting and then be driving my ass to Lawrence to catch the 2nd half of the day, but NO. I've already changed plans, arranged to be at home for when my daughter gets back from her girl scout trip, rrrrrrrrrrr. Get out the bike, ride it to pick up the stupid truck, SCRATCH the paint on Jeff's truck while trying to put the stupid bike into the stupid back of the truck (because I had to fold up one half of our truck cover and not just toss it in back like a normal truck, nope that'd be too easy. GRrrrrrrr

I was so pissed off between that whole episode that I decided to do my own damn yarn crawl right in my own stash. I found a sweater pattern in Fitted Knits, realized that since I now have a skinnier body to pair with the lack of boobiness which means it takes LESS YARN TO KNIT SWEATERS, pulled 2 skeins of grey cascade 220 and went to town. Here's what I've got so far.

I love the 2nd pic, it looks like I'm shooting flames out of my hand while shooting the bird. nice, huh? Wouldn't that be a cool superhero skill? Flipping fire while flipping the bird? Man, I could so use that in daily life.

Sat. evening we went to Jeff's sister's house for her 38th birthday party. We were jamming out to music and grilling burgers, kids having a great time. Here's my daughter swinging in the baby's swing. Doesn't she look like a flower child? 2nd pic is Uncle Jeff slam dunking little Jake with his sister trying to save him. Yes, it's the same boy that was hooked to the dog's chain in our yard last time. Gotta love Uncle Jeff.

Sunday was a flurry of planting, digging, watering, and playing kickball and knitting. Good times.
Yesterday I woke up with a feeling that something wasn't quite right. By 8:30am I couldn't freaking see. Damn migraines. Took an imitrex, went to bed for 45 minutes and when I could see again went to have my mamograms and sonograms done. I get these clusters of cysts in my boobs. Most of them are just monitored to make sure they're not doing weird things, but one has some cloudy goo in there with the regular stuff. It HURTS when you poke it, so my dr. wants to aspirate (poke my boob with a needle) just to see. ick ick ICK. You'd think with these little sacs of goo the girls would get, I don't know, BIGGER don't you? *sigh* saves on yarn. Dr. appt on this Thursday, I do this about 2 times a year just for shits and giggles. I'm very thankful the bumps are all not scary things, but I do get a bit pissy nonetheless. I must have looked pretty pathetic because I had THREE PEOPLE hug me. Not that I'm not loving hugs, but my head hurt too bad and I was too loopy on my meds to explain that I was pitiful because of my head and not worried about the various bumps in my boobs. Ah well. Went home, again started losing vision, half my face went numb including HALF MY TONGUE weird, huh? Took pill #2 later in the day and ended up pretty much floating through the rest of the day and evening. I slept a little but mostly laid there, not even feeling like knitting. How scary is that?

Yesterday Jeff's dad had prostrate surgery to remove some cancerous stuff. They took out his lymph nodes near the prostrate just in case and will do testing on all that stuff. The surgeon said it all looked very good and he is very pleased.

Too much shit going on in too little of a time frame. I'm going to see my Sox and the City Girls tonight for some knitting and to drool over what everyone else bought.

Thanks to everyone for good ideas on how to fix the bloody nipple/leaky boobs sweater. I think I'll either try duplicate stitch or just frog the damn thing because let me tell you, walking home in the sweaty sunny afternoon in the blue version of this same yarn and same sweater was about enough to make me think I was freaking CRAZY to use WOOL for a summer top. Even a spring top or a fall top, I think it was just not meant to be. We'll see. For now it's sitting in the cedar chest until I decide.

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