Friday, April 20, 2007

I just freaking knit a leaky boob sweater. WTF?

SO, I'm knitting along, LOVING every inch of this fun little funky picovoli made out of some hunters' cap orange-ish twisted sisters hand painted yarn. LOVING it. I don't try it ON as I knit it because I am a lazy knitter. I just made one out of the same damn yarn in dark blues and I was measuring gauge as I went along and holding it up to the other just to make sure. Yup, it does fit. Now, you can't really see it from the pictures, something about the flash and the inside shots just don't do justice to the fuxxedupedness of this sweater. Notice how the whole thing is amazingly cool on the color pooling? except that swath across the little boobies? Yes, I did see it as I knit, but I thought it would accentuate my little girls. Well, it does, it does it with a big nasty dark orange/dried blood color of a spot RIGHT on my nipple. No biggie, right? The sweater's made the same front and back, just turn it around. Sure. Why not? Well, you also can't tell this from the picture because the flash totally took out the colors on the pic, but let me assure you it is QUITE NOTICABLY looking like both my boobs are leaking. There's a funky splotch of darker orange running below both nipples that pretty much look like I'm lactating. nice. SO NOW WHAT? I love my sweater. It was of course knit from the top down, so if I wanted to frog it back, I'd have to do a lot of damn frogging. Yes, I know it's another reason to not skimp on the steps and try on my damn sweaters as I go. cripes almighty. leaky boobs or a bloody nipple? It's so hard to be fashionable when you're lazy. DAMN DAMN DAMN I haven't woven ends in yet (remember the lazy part?) because I may or may not decide to rip out the damn thing. DAMN DAMN DAMN

Yes, I know that when knitting with hand painted yarns you should ideally switch back and forth from one ball to the next to avoid color catastrophies. I know that. Did I mention that I'm a lazy knitter? That just sounds like a headache to me. I also know that you should try on your damn sweaters as you knit them just to make sure they fit and that you like the way they look. I know it. I know it. I know it. The scary thing is that I'll probably just wear it anyway.

I may or may not be getting to go on our local guild's all day yarn crawl. Cross your fingers for me. If I get to go, I'm leaving home around 9am and not coming home until 5pm! It all depends on Jeff's schedule and if he's wanting to run my kids around to their crap AND his kids to their crap and then be the only adult with the four loud loud loud children. I did just finish a pair of socks for the man and made a great lasagne dinner with leftovers in the fridge, so signs are looking good. I'll know tonight. If so, I'm gonna have a BALL!

Also, THANK YOU to the local Tues. night knitters that came out in force for my Tastefully Simple party the other night! WOO HOO! It was a blast and it was also VERY GRATIFYING to get to show Jeff's sister and cousin that I am not the only strange obsessed knitter in the world. SEE? I'm NORMAL. Ok, not normal, I mean see the pics above for that, but NOT AS CRAZY as his family thinks I am. Thanks ladies, you rock, but of course you already know that, right? YOU ROCK!

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