Friday, April 06, 2007

new needles

Oh my oh my I'm having fun with my new knitpicks interchangeable set of needles. But. I have a complaint. I know, it's amazing to think that I could complain about anything, now isn't it? You can't hook additional cords onto your existing ones so you can try on your knitted sweater in progress. I went back to the website and saw that, oh, duh, you have to BUY longer cables. Well, that sucks. I love that about my denise's, that I can just hook on more and go bigger and bigger. It's not really a problem, but it is an irritation. Now I have to place ANOTHER order and wait for it to get here. Anyway, I'm gauging my new ty-dy coton yarn for the mother/daughter chickami's. Here's a pic, but it doesn't capture the colors. There's all these blues and greens and even purples in there, kind of like Monet's water lillies painting all wound up in soft yarn. yes, SOFT cotton, who'd of thunk it.

OK, did anyone notice who stopped by the comment box yesterday? Bonne Marie herself, chickami's creator. I'm such a dork. I got all excited. Seriously, I love her patterns. They FIT they WORK and they are flattering and they're not riddled with mistakes. I have yet to hit one and that's a true knitter. I know editors and the printing system is to blame for most of the errors out there, but I always have much respect for a knitting designer who goes back and checks and then posts errors. I think that's why I'm such a fan of Bonne Marie, Grumperina, Glampyre and Wendy Barnard. Plus the whole knit circularly with minimal finishing is always good.

OK, enough knitting stuff. Anyone else have funky weird stuff happen yesterday? I think someone's planets are misaligned or something. I started the day by being cut off by a Barbie driving a big ol' pickup truck. I'm not bagging on blonds here, the chic seriously looked like a freaking barbie doll but without the pleasant vacant smile. Nope, my barbie had a foul mouth on her, whoooooo boy. I often do deserve a flip off or something for speeding or maybe not paying 100% attention, but I was just driving down the damn road. She whips in, I hit the brakes, then she whips around me and cuts off another person. At the next light, she rolls down her window and starts mouthing off at me. And flips the bird. I start laughing. WTF? seriously, you're flipping me off? I blow her a kiss and smile. Yeah. That kind of did it. It's a good thing I had to get on the highway or I'd have probably gotten beaten with a tire iron by a blond bitch with attitude.

Later I go to the grocery store. Weird things happen to me at the store. I was standing at the cheese area, trying to find Jeff's exact favorite kind of presliced american cheese (the boy is picky about his damn cheese). I was not paying much attention, suddenly this older lady HUGS ME. HARD. Then stands back, pats me on the head and said, "now, don't you feel better?" And I said "um, yes, I think I do. Thank you." She said "You just looked like you needed it. Always remember life isn't that big of a deal." Then she walked away. I was stunned. amazed. She was right, life isn't that big of a deal. I will remember that. I got my cheese and milk and peanut butter and headed to pay. I passed the deli counter and saw the same lady hugging some young man and saying the same thing. Then her daughter came running up, apologizing to the guy. She was freaking out, "mom, stop that." and on and on. The guy laughed at her. At first I felt like this amazing thing wasn't an amazing thing, that it was just some old lady with dementia and hugging issues. But then I realized, probably everyone DOES need a damn hug and needs to remember that life isn't that big of a deal.

I bought an extra few packs of gum and spent part of the evening teaching my kids to blow bubbles. Joey never quite got it and chewed up gum went splattering around our house, but you know what, it wasn't that big of a deal.

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