Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm entirely too excited to be getting out of town.

No children. New yarn shop. My honey. Heading out to eat and gonna tear up the town. One of Jeff's clients ended up being a boyfriend of one of my wilder more fun cousins! We're hitting the town tonight! What could be better? Only if the road trip included me RIDING along so I could knit along the way. We're heading to McPherson, Kansas, which happens to be not far from Salina, KS and Yarns...sold and told. There's also a shop called Yarn Yard 2 in McPherson or Hutch, I can't seem to get the right phone number. I might just go and get the phone book when I get there.

We're heading out today, I'm coming back tomorrow and Jeff's taking off across Kansas for some other sales stuff.

Not much of any interest going on here people, sorry. Oh, I did have one thing that cracked me up from Easter Sunday. Jeff's boys are being raised half Jewish and half Christian. Their mom only recently started the Jewish training, so they've pretty much grown up with both Christmas trees and dreidels and the like. I got the easter baskets out and the Easter Bunny filled them with goodies for all four kids (his & mine). After the kids found theirs, David (Jeff's oldest) didn't seem very excited. Jeff said to bring him the basket so he could munch some of the boy's candy. David said "um, dad, there wasn't candy in it." I said "are you sure? Did you look in the grass and everything?" David said "no, there was just a box of yellow heads." YELLOW HEADS. After some snorting on my part, I explained that the yellow heads were in fact PEEPS. Yellow marshmallow chics covered in sugar. And the candy was below the box of yellow heads. I laughed until I almost cried. They'd had Easter Baskets every year, so it wasn't the whole "crazy gentiles" thing, they'd just never had Peeps. The poor boy couldn't figure out why the Easter Bunny had given him chicken heads. *snort*

I did actually finish Jeff's lastest pair of green boring socks. I was thinking about that whole 52 pair of socks in 52 weeks thing that's going around blogland. While a very good idea, a STRETCH for me would be ONE pair of socks per month. I'm doing my very own Christine's making a pair of socks a month thing. Pair #1 was done on April 15th. Hopefully pair #2 will be my toe up koigu things on the needles right now. I'm just being tempted to finish up my tank tops on the needles first.

Peace out people and LOOK OUT MCPHERSON, I'm THIRSTY and I'm fired up for a wild night. Then yarn shopping tomorrow morning before heading out of town. What could be better?

OH I totally forgot, Guess what I did this weekend? Ran the Lawrence 5K race with my cousin Kelly and Elinor! Ok, I walked and jogged. Elinor and Kelly jogged next to me during the whole thing. IT WAS SO GREAT to have done this! My cousin and I have decided we both need motivation to keep moving and not turning into slugs, so we're gonna do one race a month! WOO HOO! If you're in the KC/Lawrence/Topeka area, give a holler and come along. We do NOT go too fast, so even walkers wanting to get started, come along! (we always pick the races with the good food afterwards!) Thanks Elinor for inviting me out! It was fun, it really was.

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