Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Because one can never have too many purple tank tops...

Pattern: Chickami Tank
Yarn: Frogtree cotton & silk blend, maybe 3 1/2 balls total, probably closer to 3 balls, but I didn't want to have to weave in any additional ends, so started new ball before I really needed to when I cast on for the top front.

I'm now going to make this in a MATCHING tye die cotton yarn for both my girl and me with some new yarn I just picked up at KnitWits in Olathe. My daughter still thinks it's cool to look like her mom, so I'm milking that as much as humanly possible. I'm gonna measure her chest & tummy and make some calculations and make her and I each chickami tops THAT MATCH. Can you stand the sweetness? I'm dripping with it.

My son Joey starts a children's drawing class after school today and is so excited. He gets a little sketchpad and a pencil and will also get to work with charcoal and other artsy stuff. It's funny, I always wanted to be able to sing and to draw. I can't do either for shit and both my kids were talented at this.

Anyone notice those buff arm muscles? HOLY CRAP I impress myself now. WOO baby. Still working on the thighs, but the arms are prettier, so they get kept in the pictures. :)

I heart my new macbook. I took my introductory little welcome to apple class and LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing. This post is officially brought you you by Christine's new toy. I cracked up because part of the class was how to set up other accounts on the laptop and I said "no one gets to touch this but momma." The cutesy little chic teaching me said, "just in case, don't you want to see how to set up something for your kids or your husband?" I said "no one touches this but momma." end of story. momma don't share her toys.

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