Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down

GAWD I used to love my weeble wobbles when I was a kid! This is what my cousin brought me from his job fair. Just what a bunch of computer techy 21 year olds would want, huh? A WEEBLE WOBBLE CLOCK!!! I totally love it! It does actually weeble and wobble around and everything. Everybody needs one. I love that boy. I'll feed him for a week for this one.

I got SO SO SO much knitting done on my skb sweater it freaked me out. I'd happily freak you out as well, but don't want to take the damn thing off the needles to try it on, so I'm just doing the hold-it-up-in-front-of-the-body-and-squint sizing. I'm sure it'll be fine. I was more sure of this last night after 2 glasses of wine than in the bright light of day, but I'm starting the bottom 10 rows of the body, so if it doesn't fit now, what's 10 more rows? (does anyone else hear the darth vader music going on in your head too now? duh...duh...duh..........duh....duh...duh) What was the line..."I've got a baaaaad feeling about this." repeated by almost everyone in the original Star Wars movie? Can you guess what we've been watching around here lately? It's such fun to share those amazingly cool movies of our youth with my own kids. LOVE that. I think I'll wait a few more years for the Indiana Jones movies to ward off potential nightmares of snakes, melting faces, etc.

Hope to have a sweater body that FITS to try on for the camera tonight or tomorrow. I went out to the old square part of Independence yesterday morning while work's computer system was down (don't you just HATE that? Forced free time?) and wandered around Knitcraft. I bought almost no yarn (since I must already have enough in the stash for 3 stash hoarding knitters) but some boring black and charcoal sock yarn for Jeff and a few really cute patterns and about 6 magazines from the $1 basket including a few good Knitters, a Rebecca, and some crochet mags as well. I spent much of the afternoon reading and dreaming and drooling over new project ideas.

I'd been looking for a sweater pattern to make for each of my children since the children of knitters SHOULD in fact, WEAR items made by their mothers if their mothers weren't so busy knitting things for THEMSELVES. I wandered and perused all through hundreds of patterns for TWO HOURS, saw a few cute things, but nothing just right. Then I found it. The Wonderful Wallaby!

The Wonderful Wallaby is the ultimate hooded sweater for all members of the family from the tiniest to the largest. I had to laugh out loud. I had totally forgotten about the Wallaby. An amazing lady named Camille was the one who tried to tell me this was the perfect sweater for my chilren long ago. I believe I snorted tropical iced tea out of my nose (literally) when she told me I'd be making this someday and would think of her and know she was wise. (She was also a bit of a smartass so this was said with attitude.) At the time I was a VERY beginning knitter, only able to make scarves and felted bags. I made a LOT of scarves and a LOT of felted bags and two tank tops that were the most unattractive things on the face of the earth. She also encouraged (aka gently bullied) me into teaching some of the friends I brought along to the knit group how to knit ON MY OWN after she showed me how to teach others. I thought she was insane. I have since taught my daughter and at least 8 other women how to become a part of this amazing cult of knitters. You were right Camille, you were wise. I think the sweaters are going to be even more special now. For a woman I didn't know for a very long time, you sure made a big impression on me. Your love of the craft, of the fibers, of the people we knit for, but mostly for each other. You were always accepting of others, full of joy and made me feel happy just by sitting and knitting with you. Meeting you at your old knit group on Wed. nights really forced me to get out of my little shell and start making friends again, which inspired me to make the knitting blog, which helped me make even more friends. I have had just enjoyed the hell out of myself since I've started knitting. Thanks for everything and I miss you.

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