Saturday, August 06, 2011


I think I must've just cooked my brain. I spent at least half the vacation at the lake carding mohair, spinning mohair (with a crap-ton sitting on my lap), mohair floating through the air, and then KNITTING with mohair. It was fabulous. Fabulously hair, fluffy and mohairy.

This scarf is my own design, but is VERY simple, basically just garter stitch forever and a ruffled edge at each end. I'll publish a free pattern for it shortly. :)

I will say I didn't break into any of the other batches of mohair to knit, I got distracted by some sunset colored hand painted 100% silk by Crafty in a Good Way Andrea. HOLY CRAP that woman could dye yarn!! Too bad she's off saving the world by being a nurse. *sigh* I'm now on a mission to unearth all the rest of her 100% silk yarn. If you have any sitting in your stash, it really REALLY wants to be knit up by me. I cast on, finished and then cast on a 2nd Citron. You haven't citron-ed until you've citron-ed in 100% silk. yummy doesn't even begin to describe it.

Color is most true in the close-up of the ruffled edge. Yes, there may be a theme going on, I just can't get enough of the ruffle!

I was just cranking out the knits at the lake. Here's the start of my Featherweight Cardigan out of malabrigo lace. It's so soft to knit that I'm loving just holding it in my hands as I knit. Plain old stockinette is a dream to knit along.

I should go to the lake for three weeks more often!

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