Friday, August 26, 2011

Fort Lauderdale is Fabulous!

Ok, flights were fine, on time and all. We're in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and it's a beautiful calm evening, 93 degrees when we landed. Heard from Jeff's uncle and they weathered the storm in their friend's house fine. Boat is ok, just messy and everything inside was whirled up and thrown about. Minimal damage. Winds are still 40 mph today, so they're not able to get to Marsh Harbour Island, where we'll fly to tomorrow. We've got a friend of theirs to connect to on the island and we'll figure it out after that.

I didn't knit but a few rows on a very simple, yet lovely mohair & boucle scarf, garter stitch with a ruffle. I slept most of the way here and we even got to spend the evening with my cousin Mary, the Knitter! I'm feeling less like shark bait with every passing moment. It seems we'll have a lovely time in paradise after all, and we'll help clean up and patch up the boat, and live off canned goods (on the boat) and our beef jerky & bottled water (checked bag). If there happens to be a store with food left or a restaurant that reopens, even better. If not, I'll get to knit in paradise with the man that I love NOT on rolling seas. YAY!

I'll talk at you guys later!
Christine, the now only slightly freaked out knitter. :)

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