Friday, August 26, 2011

heading out

We're off to Ft. Lauderdale today (Friday). We'll make sure we hear from Jeff's uncle and that there's a boat to stay on still and that they can get to us on the airport. I'm not going over without that. We're supposed to fly from FL to Marsh Harbour, Bahamas tomorrow (Sat) around noon.

I'm sure it'll be a paradise after the hurricane goes by. I'm sure I won't be fish food. I'm sure there won't be monster swells even in the protected harbours. I'm sure there won't be looting or crime. I'm sure of it. mostly.

I love you guys. The blog has been such fun and I sure as hell hope I just come back with fabulous new yarny adventures. (Actually I'm pretty sure we'll spend a day and a half sitting in an airport somewhere). I packed rain gear, bikini, wool socks, sundresses, survival gear, food, water, batteries, toilet paper, dramamine and YARN!

I've got mohair, sockyarn and the in progress cardigan. I figure malabrigo & mohair will be calming. :)

PEACE people! I hope to be back Sept 1st with fabulous photos of sandy beaches & sunshine. I can dream, right?

ps, just in case, I gave my kids lots of hugs before I left, but make sure to knit socks for them to grow into and tell them their momma loved them more than yarn!

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