Sunday, August 28, 2011

floating in paradise

We made it to the boat! Jeff's family is safe and sound and the boat made it through the storm. YAY! The 5 sailboats that stayed in Marsh Harbour are either sunk or crashed onto shore. Jeff's family made the right decision to move their boat to Man Of War's habour. Their boat was roughed up but safe and sound.

The islands have spotty power off & on. We've got a boat full of supplies, food, water and beer! Pretty weather and we should have a nice visit in paradise. I'm hoping there may be some gold doubloons washed ashore from the hurricane.

love to all, thanks for all your prayers for safety for us and our family!! ps, I'm casting off on the 2nd sleeve (I only had to make TWO this time!) I blocked the bulk of the sweater with some steam at our hotel in Ft. Lauderdale last night. I should be wearing it this evening over my sundress. YAY! Not shark bait AND with a FO of malabrigo lace!! How could this day get any better? Oh yeah, I'm in the BAHAMAS mammas!

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