Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I should get an award for the best mom ever. seriously!

After being inspired by the Bloggess's post on bananas, and a few other mom blogs that send cute little notes to their kids in the lunchboxes, I realized there needed to be some middle ground.

You know, there really is a NEED for a way to get the kids to eat the lunch food you prepare for them. Silly uber-moms that pack raisins, tortilla wraps and other healthy things must smile with pride when they think of their healthy little children eating those lunches prepared with mom's love and growing strong little bones and such. Have you ever BEEN in a school lunchroom? Those things are either thrown in the trash or the whole lunch is traded away for a pudding cup.

A GOOD mom would want to ensure her child is actually EATING the food she sent, right? OK. Problem solved.

There! Any child seeing that in their lunchbox would not DARE trash or trade that banana, would they? You'd also be keeping their minds on the important things in life, like preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I was going to write "Zombies LOVE eating kids that eat pudding cups" but figured I'd save that note for another day.

Now this is actually a YARN ADVENTURER type blog, here's what's come out of my dye pots and off the spinning wheel lately.

Bahamas trip update...Jeff's uncle & aunt are on Man of War Island in the Sea of Abaco, the northern most bunch of islands when you look at all the hurricane maps. They're straight east of Ft. Lauderdale. We're waiting and watching updates. Right now flights are still scheduled to arrive 8/27 in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas (when we're scheduled). Flights through 8/26 have been cancelled. Jeff wants to check a bag full of survival supplies, food and water to be the relief effort. I said we're waiting to see what happens first as there's no way I'm flying there not knowing if we'd have a way off that island to find his family and WHO the HELL flies INTO a storm devastated economically poor country immediately after a hurricane anyway? Maybe I should send a message via banana to the husband... "Are you BSC? STAY the hell HOME!" (BSC= Bat Shit Crazy)

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