Monday, February 14, 2011

Wool you be my Valentine?

Ok, I totally stole that woolly valentine from Handmade By Mother but could you blame me? Isn't it amazingly cool? Also, you totally need to check out Handmade by Mother. She finds the most craptastical crocheted & knitted patterns that boggle the mind. I have to say I'm a fan of her Valentine project. Not only is the acrylic crocheted heart vest enough to make you shiver, the model has LESS of a chest than I do. (something that's hard to find). Now, not having a chest does mean you use less yarn on sweaters...good things, but makes it difficult to fill out a swimsuit top. (especially if anyone had *cough* crocheted a bikini out of suede yarn. *cough* *cough*).

ANYWAY, Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. And to all you over-achieving-moms that made your own valentines by hand, caligraphy penned them, hand made the cookies, candies and gifts for the teachers....(oh crap! totall forgot about the teacher's gift. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!) I have to salute you. I truly do. I did, actually print out valentines for my son from the computer and he cut them out. We stapled a piece of halloween candy on the back of each one. That's handmade and crafty, right? And our kids are still eating that halloween candy, so I'm sure it's still good. I was feeling quite GUNG HO SUPERMOMMISH until Joe asked at 7:14am (we leave the house at 7:16am) what about his valentine box? CRAP! SUPERMOM to the RESCUE! I just happened to have cleaned out my desk at work and FINALLY brought home this amazing red, fancy gift box that I was going to use to package up a Christmas present home..... Dumped it out (there may or may not have been YARN in there)...handed to him and we ran out the door. Sweet. I'd EVEN saved these cute puppy & kitten fake tattoo's in little cute boxes for my daughter to use for her friends. Cheerleader at the middle school now, so all things "cute" are cool now. As she was hopping out of the truck she said, "um, MOM, did you realize these dogs & cats are all in PUMPKINS?" decided to pass on handing out of cute tattoo's after all.

SO. Business as usual at Chez Weasley. Christmas Box for Valentine's Day at the elementary school and Halloween treats at the middle school... Life would be so much simpler if everyone just wanted yarn. Yarn is the EVERY SEASON gift.

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