Monday, January 18, 2010

YAY! Winners! :)

OK, I'll be digging through the comments to find emails, etc and notifying you in the next day or so to get mailing addresses. Thanks all, I'm glad my extra stuff is soon to be on its way to new homes!

Set of 4 notecards: Sarah H

Magnet set 1: Vicki

Magnet Set 2: Jennifer

Magnet Set 3: ikkinlala

Berry Knitted Wrist Warmers: Teresa

Spunky Eclectic Yarn (destash): Colleen

TreasureGoddess Pinky Tuscadero sockyarn: Nancy

1X1 Ribbed Knitted Noro Scarf: Annette

Thanks again! PS, I haven't blown anything up, gotten crashed into or spilled liquid anywhere near electronics. I'm sure the world is out of alignment, but YAY! Had a good day! Eyeballs seem to be behaving themselves...not as much flashing, but sight is still a bit blurry. Am able to move without cursing quite as much. Now I look like a 70 yr old woman instead of moving like a 85 yr old woman (my coworker pointed that out). Sweet!

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