Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is there a Yarn Whisperer in the House?

I've decided I'm never, ever, EVER AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME, ever dying self striping yarn again. wow. I had seven FOURTEEN FOOT skeins that made for some rockin' self striping yarn. But, it was a gigantic pain in my arse. Yes, I've seen the clever tinker toy and pvc pipe contraptions you can set up to wind this way and that way and over your shoulder, etc. No, that was too much work for my experiment. I just made hugiferous skeins, dyed them and then had to ball them up by hand, then reskein. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, huh? The first 5 weren't too tough. I could do about 2 in an evening. I was getting a bit irritated with the system by then, so the last two (of the twurple colorways) didn't go quite as smooth. The next to last one, I got almost all the way done, then just couldn't take it any longer and SNIPPED the mess with a scissors and put the whole damn thing away. I figure I'll just knit it for myself. I make short socks just above my ankles anyway.

This last one? I had to break out the beers to deal with it. It's been stuffed into a ziplock bag waiting for the next time I see the Yarn Whisperer Teri. It's a good thing Mr. TreasureGoddess ran us out of firewood. I was THISCLOSE to trying to find out if the 20% bamboo in this stuff would be enough to burn. Yes, I know merino will smolder, but I figure our firebox insert is usually running hot enough to melt some forms of metal and I bet that baby'd burn. It'd probably smell like a burning sheep dipped in kool aid, but MAN it would've felt good. (Having no truck means no trips to the farm to bring back loads of firewood...*sigh*)

Heading to the doctor's office this afternoon. I never knew how freakishly heavy my head was before now. I mean, I knew I had a big head, but holy crapamoly, I can hardly keep this melon head up on top of my weak little neck muscles. If I have to wear the neck brace cone of shame, I'm totally knitting a cozy. A KNITTED CONE OF SHAME COZY! That would rock.

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