Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hogwarts Band Geeks?

Seriously? How funny is that? We've got our ties on, blazers and even little patches. It looks like I'm a flue player for the Hogwarts band, doesn't it? Yes, totally non-knitting related posting. Imagine that. :) Facebook connected me with an old friend from that band who sent the pic. Amazing how many memories come back once you get started. I just LOVE those old photos. Man I had some sweet hair back in the 80's.

Back to actual YARN content.

Some of today's photo shoot. Yes, done out at the office park. No, not in front of my building this time. Good light. Good yarn. What more could you want? RETIREMENT, that's what! Dang. I've got a few more years to put in. *sigh*

I've actually been knitting, but it's on the same never-ending knee-highs workboot socks for my husband. Cripes almighty it's taking a LONG time. I'd show more pics, but it's just a never-ending tube of dark grey/black. Not very darn exciting. ...just keep knitting...just keep knitting... Such a nice Xmas present idea of giving him a weeks' worth of socks shot to hell. He's going to be lucky to get one normal sized pair and one girly knee-high length pair. Ah well. Back to the drawing board for his Xmas present. No more sweaters started on Dec 1st, I can tell you that much!

What do you think of this? I'm calling my section of handspun art yarn "Art Yarn for the Mild at Heart". It's art yarn for those of us that want to be artsy, but still like things to match. You know, artsy without being too artsy. Is it just me? Does this make any sense at all?

Supercoils made from heavenly soft natural greys in alpaca. mmmmmmm alpaca. I figure why shouldn't the artyarn knitters/craftsters get to use sweet fiberlicious alpaca too? AND I hardly cursed at all in its spinning! (I do a WEE bit of cursing while stretching my artyarn spinning skillz.)

I think I'll pull my fuxxed up green cable sweater out of time-out and get going on it again. I'm making peace with it and am calling the wrong-way cables part of my design intent. Since I take the scenic route through life, why shouldn't my cable sweater?

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