Friday, September 04, 2009

Well FUXX it!

OK, look at the top pic of the earlier post with all the cabling wonder. LOOK AT THE first two baby cables on each side of the big, bad fixed one. OH MY HOLY HELL! Both baby cables on BOTH sides of the super fixed ones. SON OF A BIOTCH! Damn Damn DAMN. It's bad enough they're both freaking BACKWARDS, but they're BACKWARDS with a ginormous ARROW pointing RIGHT NEXT TO THEM!

OK, Ok, I know. I know how to fix this, right? Well, um, I've knit almost the ENTIRE damn piece. damn damn damn.

Ironic much? *smolder* *growl* *smolder*

Thanks, wise woman, for pointing it out before I got to the armpit shaping. Should've posted this RIGHT AFTER I knit so she could have caught it for me. DAMN!

Ok, proceeding to time out for the sweater yet again. Won't look at it until after the long weekend. I have to say, though I have this new spiffy fixing-cables ability, there's no way on God's partially green earth that I'm doing that for 25 stitches that cross every 4 rows for 10 inches. YES TEN INCHES. (I was just starting the armhole shaping).


May all your knitting be NOT FUXXED UP!
Peace out all,

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