Friday, August 07, 2009

Coming an etsy shop near you!

Ok, maybe not an etsy shop NEAR you, I don't know where you actually ARE you know. BUT I'm getting close. Real close. House-full-of-fiber close. DYING to DYE more close. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ok, as you can see, I just can't hold a secret for anything. I don't have ANYTHING listed in said shop yet, but there WILL be a contest soon with some hand dyed fiber and some hand dyed yarn from the TreasureGoddess (me) once it's up and running and all official-like.

If you're a Sunflower Knitters Guild member, don't forget about our Opinionated Knitters' Tea this Sunday!
Sunday @ the Victorian Trading Co 2-4 pm 9/9/09 (Elizabeth Zimmermann's birthday).
$7 fee, only a few spots left. If you're interested and haven't signed up yet, EMAIL ME! treasuregoddessATkcDOTsurewestDOTnet.

That is all. I'm off to finish computer stuff and list some goodies on the shop! I'll have an official GRAND OPENING soon. There will be discounts for blog readers too. Can't wait to get things going so I can start dying again! I have a house full of fiber and yarn that's calling my name. Merino, silk, tencel, sockyarn, laceweight, BFL, oh my!

Happy weekend everyone! PS, I survived a WEEK at the lake and Mother Nature never tried to kill or maim me. Not once. :) See, the recycling is paying off! I also knit my ass off and spun a ton and had a lovely time. It was VERY hard to go back to work. Stall knitting is just not nearly as enjoyable as sitting on a boat knitting while your kids are swimming around you in the water. *sigh* Many finished objects pictures to come next week....after the etsy shop is done!

BUT nothing will get done until later this weekend. WHY? Because I have an AMAZING husband! He thought it was about time for a little "us time". We're dumping the boys with his folks (all THREE of them), a bottle of scotch and one of gin (for the grandparents, not the boys) and going to have a kid-free evening! My daughter's with a friend so we're set! Dinner & a movie, walking around the plaza window-shopping and then staying in a nice hotel to boot! He may drive me crazy sometimes, but the man wrangles snakes, stained & painted & assembled my spinning wheel, listens to my rants & raves and will truly be the Armageddon Man should things ever go to heck. He wears my socks and sweaters with pride. He rocks.

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