Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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OK, it's all official now. I've got a real, live ETSY SHOP! Can I get a WOO HOO? Ok, I can't wait, I'm gonna WOO HOO myself! WOO HOO! TreasureGoddess Hand Dyed Fiber, Hand Dyed Yarn and Handspun Yarn for the creative goddess (or god) in you! I've got half my dining room full of yarn and fiber just waiting on its photo shoot, so more will be added soon. Please check the shop and let me know what you think. I'd love some constructive criticism.

In order to link my yarns in ravelry, I've had to change my user name to TreasureGoddess. I'm a bit sad to no longer be the KnittingVirgin, but I guess at this point in my yarn-obsessed life, the Knitting VIRGIN no longer actually applies. Can someone with more photos of yarn than her own children still be considered a knitting VIRGIN? Someone that knows almost all of Elizabeth Zimmermann's stories by heart? Someone that knits EVERY SINGLE DAY? Yes. Every. Single. Day. I know you and I don't see anything strange about taking knitting along on a honeymoon, but apparently there are some that do. amazing.

Thanks for all the encouragement and happy thoughts about my dying process! My back porch dye lab is cooking! Here's hoping my life as the TreasureGoddess has as many adventures and good times as I did as the Knitting Virgin! (Just less the whole nature-trying-to-eat-and/or-kill-me adventures, please!)

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