Monday, August 24, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

I know, I know. I've harped on it before. This is my all time favorite sockyarn-not-for-socks pattern. Old Shale Scarf by Tiennie. Well, a while back when I was at the lake for FOUR DAYS with no children, I knitted my arse off. Completed two more scarves. I couldn't decide which color I thought my cousin Kelly would like better as her birthday present from *cough* LAST FEBRUARY *cough* so I knit them both. I love them both and figure I'll be happy to wear whichever one she doesn't choose! Guess I should actually SHOW HER, instead of just keeping them here where I can see them, huh?

I made a red, red, RED scarf (same pattern) for my sister in law last winter and another one for moi last year as well. Here's a reminder. My only change to the pattern was to use one size larger of needles and to only do 36 stitches, with one full pattern in the middle and two halves on each side. Gorgeous. Can't wait for cooler weather to start wearing them again!

I sometimes find myself forgetting that everyone doesn't knit. Do you ever do that? I was sitting at our two youngest boys' baseball practice on Sunday. A dad sitting near me turned his head my way and said, "now that's a lost art!" I turned my head to where I thought he was talking about. I said, "What, rock climbing?" totally without a clue. (There were some little brothers/sisters climbing the walls nearby. He said, "No, knitting socks." DUH. "Oh, yeah. that. socks. I knit them." cripes. I'm never with the witty comments unless I'm a) drunk; or b) writing things down four hours later.

Yes, I realize that the shirt I'm wearing somehow clashes with BOTH scarves I was modeling that day. I don't have a bad sense of style. I'm just lazy. :)

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