Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Socks that Rock and a White Trash New Year's

I totally couldn't wait for the Jan 1st start date for the 2007 L&V Sock Marathon. I mean, come on! My first ball of Socks That Rock are sitting there just taunting me. What's a girl to do? I kirchenered up the toe at about 1:00am this morning before finally shutting off the light and going to bed. I started this yarn on pomotamus, made it about 2 inches and my eyeballs started itching from the inside out. Frogged it, started monkey with it. Got about 3 inches, realized though this yarn is beautiful and loverly, it looked like monkey barf in this pattern and frogged it. Yes, I frogged THREE INCHES of size 1 work on the damn thing. I think I'll have to stick with mostly solid colors for that pattern. Decided I liked the swirly way it turned out just in plain old ribbing at the top of the socks I'd tried, so here's sock #1. Knit with 65 stitches cast on, 2X2 rib, slip stitch heel and decreased down to 28 stitches before kirchenering the toe. LOVE IT! The bottom is actually prettier than the top, but I'm not coordinated to take that picture on my own, (fell off my rolling office chair). My boyfriend is mostly understanding about the sock knitting addiction, but would probably have me committed if I asked him to take a picture of the bottom of my foot. You'll have to use your imagination.

I'm going to try to get out to a couple of yarn shops to see what yarn they suggest for my roses top I posted yesterday. The pattern calls for Harrisville Silk & Wool Yarns, but it doesn't come in that many colors and it just didn't speak to me. Yes, my yarn does talk to me. Yours probably talks to you too, you just need to listen closer, drink a lot of diet coke and stay up way too late at night.

I've got a house full of boys today. Jeff's boys are here for the day while their mom's at work and Jeff had to go in to the office. Joey's running around with the other 2 and they're having nerf gun wars, playing trains and building forts with pillows. Elizabeth's due home tomorrow afternoon. She's flying BY HERSELF for the fitst time, ever. Her dad didn't quite plan well enough with all the big storms that have hit New Mexico, so instead of leaving EARLIER and driving her back, he's going to put her on the plane. It's a direct flight and she flew with us to Maui in September, so she should be fine. Her momma's nervous as hell, but she's fine.

Got to get back to work, better close.

Happy New Year!

Editor's note: I totally forgot details of Xmas and our white trash new years!
Santa was very good to our house this year! Joey got a new bike, Elizabeth an ipod (she's all about the music, baby), David a train set and new scooter, Ben a monster sized lego set, and they all got TONS of presents. I got a very pretty pendant with an emerald and three little diamonds hanging on a gold chain with matching earrings from Jeff and a little wooden jewelry box from Santa. I got Jeff a chief's sweatshirt and a wine caraff (how do you spell that anyway?). Santa brought him a carved wooden cow and a bag of beef jerky. His herd of cattle is growing, they bought another cow and a calf a while back (the momma cow that chased me, remember?)

We twanged in the new year with a Hee Haw marathon on tv and old country music albums on the record player during commercials. Yes, we really did. It was at least six hours of Hee-Haw. We had the white trash new years eve. Fire was blazing in the wood stove, beer and steak in our bellies, and shotguns galore were shot (into the dirt at least) at the break of midnight. The only thing missing was squirrel stew and a granny in a rocker spitting chaw. Jeff found a can of something minty and chaw-like so I guess that'll do. The house was so hot at one point (88 degrees) that I went up to the attic to cool off. When I came back downstairs, both Jeff & Joey were sitting in their UNDERWEAR on the couches and each one had a guitar and were strumming along. I swear by all that is holy, I sat down and laughed until I about wet my pants. NORMAL people were shooting off pretty fireworks that we gazed at through the smoke and haze and SMELL of gunpowder in the air around our house.

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