Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moving in the right direction

136. It's working. I'm tired. ass. out. My trainer is really a great guy. He seems genuinely excited to see me make such a change in my lifestyle. He's more about the "learn to eat healty for life" rather than the "just make it to the bet goal" but hey, those healthy people are all about that. No worries. I'm still chugging right along, reading labels and eating right. I've gotten the kids involved in exercising at home and they're having a blast thinking up exercises they learned at gym class and making stuff up. We had a head-standing contest that was the funniest thing I've ever witnessed. Kids were loopy as hell, as soon as I'd get one leaning against the wall and the other started, it'd be dominoes, feet and legs flying off every which way. good times.

I am still knitting, in fact, I'm having some serious bouts with startitis. Not only do I have my daughter's cardigan/shrug/bolero thing on the needles, (almost done with one sleeve and one sleeve to go), but also a pair of socks for Jeff out of mountain colors yarn (loving it so far), my orangina that is still only about 6 inches long and NEVER getting any longer--I've hit that weird knitting limbo that happens when you knit and knit and NOTHING HAPPENS, the roses tank top is sitting there looking at me waiting patiently to get longer than its 4 inch start, I'm trying to decide whether or not to frog the market bag I've had on the needles for ALMOST THREE YEARS NOW because I think the yarn would be enough to make the wicked sweater and I just don't see me using the market bag should I ever finish the damn thing, AND I cast on TWICE for green gable with some wild multicolored hand-painted cotton yarn I got at a Studio yarn sale about a year ago.

Why twice? Well, the woman who has never twisted a joined ring, no, I think I did once, but then caught it after ONE ROW like any good knitter would, had a DOUBLE TWIST in my joined stitches. Then knit for FOUR FREAKING INCHES. FOUR INCHES. yes, yes I did. I couldn't believe it. You think somewhere I would have found at least ONE of the damn twists, wouldn't you? Ah well. Now it's about one inch along, no twists in sight, added to the pile of knitting just waiting for me.

I guess starting a buttload of new knitting projects and a new exercise and eating plan wasn't enough for me, because I'm also signed up for a beginner's quilting class at the Prairie Point shop and it's been fun so far! I've never done anything in moderation before, so why start now? Six weeks from now I should have a cute six block small quilt ready to hang on the wall.

That's it around here, sorry to be boring, but that's all I got.

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