Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

"Never eat more than you can lift."
--Miss Piggy

Well, I'm planning on following that sage advice tonight, but I can lift a LOT of fried chicken and cottage fries with gravy at Stroud's. Can't wait!! Bday meal for Mikey turning 30!

I got all fired up and decided it was time I started riding my bike again. Got it loaded (barely) into the back of the blazer, poor Joey had to ride to school with a bike seat next to his head. I was thinking I'd start slow, with some little trails at a basically flat park near work. I got on there and felt unstoppable, so of course, I take off down the road. After getting a LONG way from work, I thought, you know, no one can come & get me because I have the keys here and my bike won't fit into anybody else's car. SO, I decided I had to trek back UP all the hills I had enjoyed riding DOWN. All in all, I had a wonderful experience, uplifting, motivating and I didn't have to get off to walk once. I was so proud of myself. sweaty, but proud.

I'm riding the bike my aunt Angie bought over in France when she was young and cycling across Europe. It's older than I am by far, and is amazing. Baby bro Will put some serious time & money into it, so I think I'd better tell him to take it to FL with him. It's SO easy to ride, you can just glide forever. Anyway, I was so amazingly athletic, it was scary. Then, of course, I had to go out in a bang. NOPE, no graceful athleticism allowed here. So, I unlatch the helmet, coast up to my Blazer, pull one foot out of the little holder-thing, lean over and expect to pull the other foot out and stand up, BUT my foot is stuck in the dang thing. Short story, IN FRONT OF A LOT OF WITNESSES (and all men, of course) I fall over HARD all the way to the pavement. My helmet is no where NEAR my head, apparently you really DO need the little strap latched, crack my head, end up with one foot crammed up where a foot should not be, bruised my butt, scratched my leg and was basically all twisted up in this greasy chained, metallic thing and black-top. I almost gave one old guy a heart-attack. I had about 4 guys pulling me out and once they decided I was alive, they applauded. Yeah, just watch sports center for the highlights.....I'm still sitting carefully and walking a little shaky. If I can get my butt back on the seat, I'm going to try to make the lunch-time ride a habit. It really energized my day. (and was SO much more fun than sweating and jogging/walking/gasping that I used to do for exercise!)

I figured I worked off at least a big fried chicken breast, 3 helpings of cottage fries with gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans and MAYBE even a cinnamon bread roll thing that they make....I can taste it now!!

OH, best part of the day is my new look. I got to work, looked down and realized I have a lovely BLACK 4 inch long mark from the bike chain across my left breast on my white sweater. NOW after the "incident" I have matching chain marks embedded into both shins. Then for lunch I had a campbells soup to go thing and it spilled an orange stain in my lap. I look like serious white-trash, stylin!

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