Thursday, June 24, 2004

Thursday, June 24, 2004

"I am no longer what I was. I will remain what I have become."
--Coco Chanel

Well, I've finally started my blog. My dear friends who have put up with me for years, know that I am not good at keeping in contact. Email helps, but I end up telling some people the same things 3 times and others nothing and wondering why they don't know what's going on. I thought this would help. People can follow the boring details of my life and I can have a place to put thoughts down so I don't go insane and talk to myself. Ok, I'll still probably talk to myself, but maybe this way I won't answer as often.

Jildo, once I figure out this bloggin thing, I'm setting you up on one also.

Let's see, baby bro Will just took a job with an engineering firm in Naples, FL making lots of $$ and has an apartment picked out in a ritzy area. Can't wait to visit for vacation. He's going to be on the gulf coast side right off the beach, and just above the top of the everglades, gator-ville. He's got a new cute little girlfriend, Regan. They've been dating about 2 months or so and seem pretty serious. She seems to treat him nice and is more of a "beer and pizza" girl that his unengaged-ex (all Plaza and champagne).

My dating life is strange as always. I have an old guy that looks like Kenny Rogers (eerily so) that I see as friends but who would give anything to be my sugar-daddy. Was fun to go out with, but no option of long-term as he is about 1 year younger than my DAD and also a BOWLER, so no-go. Good friends now. ALSO, I got a phone call back in November from Vickie....DXXX. I thought it was his daughter, so I said "what can I do for you?" and she said "stop dating my husband". That'll wake you up, I think I actually fell off the couch on that one. I let her know nothing past friendship had happened, and there wouldn't be any future either.

Met a big, strong, cute Italian playing poker at Ameristar Casino. That's not a good place to pick up men. There are a LOT of men there, but you've got to figure, Sat night they'd prefer sitting around with other men gambling than going out on dates. SO, figure he's a gambler and not much future, but I'm tired of not dating because I don't want to get in a relationship. I just want to have a little fun. This guy is sweet, intense, ITALIAN--sexy, kisses like you wouldn't believe, and is fun. He'd fall in love in a second, so I've already given my "just for fun" speech and warned him that I'm NOT wanting anything more than talking once in a while and a date every couple of weeks, so it's casual. but, OMG he's sexy...gotta love those Italian men. Plus, I'll probably eat very well. :)

My daughter's just left with her Dad for her 4 weeks of summer visit. Joey's having a hard time with it, but is being pretty tough. Plus he gets spoiled by everyone to make up for him not getting to go. Dad took the little guy to the Royal's game and they stayed till the 4th inning. The highlight for Joey was the Dippin' Dots ice cream. He also picked the hot-dog that won the race on the tv screen at the game, so there you go. The Royals also won the game and scored some runs with fireworks, so Grandpa had a good time too. It sounded pretty cute, eating peanuts out of their baseball gloves (you know you have to have the glove on the entire time you're in the stands just in case).

That's it, back to work. Check in later for more quotes and various ramblings.

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