Monday, June 28, 2004

Monday, June 28, 2004

"Let me listen to me and not to them."
--Gertrude Stein

I missed my little blog diary this weekend. Can't wait until we get our Roadrunner crap straightened out. Joey and I had a pretty nice weekend. He went bowling Friday night with my friend's daughter Samanta babysitting. He came home with a bag full of spiderman stuff, doll ("action figure, mom"), pillow, bracelet, toys, tattoo's etc. They spoil him there so much, he absolutely loves it. It's helped with Beth being gone to get to do special things just for Joey.

Sat. we had Josh & Elizabeth over for a playdate. Josh is in Joey's class at camp and Elizabeth is a 7yr old red-head that is in our Elizabeth's group at camp too. The boys had a blast, and having Elizabeth there was almost like Joey had a big sister to play with, he was hugging and hugging her. Their mom & I sat around drinking diet cokes and talking and I really had fun. Michael R. came over later that night and put Joey to bed and I went out with my Italian Stallion I met a few weeks ago. Had fun dancing & drinking a few cocktails with him at the Quacamole Grill in KC, MO. So far, things have been "casual" but flirty and he knows I don't want any big-ass relationships, but we'll see. I think he's on his way down the road I don't want to go on, but we'll play it by ear. It was sweet to have a guy open the door, tell me I look beautiful, buy ALL my drinks, blush & be visibly embarrased when I paid our cover as he talked to a friend. The "new metrosexual" style of guys has turned men into wimps and I love the old-fashioned pig-headed guy SO much more than the new crap! Really had fun, when the guy kisses me, I melt, it's dreamy, and I get stuck in 50's-lingo-land, can't help it. dreamy.

I'm going to start a list of "good things to know" to each of my kids. I've learned so many things the hard way that I'd like a list. stupid things, important things, everything in between. Once I get this page figured out, I'm going to link another file I can just add to whenever. I'll ask others to send me things they've learned from life. When Beth was a baby, I started a few journals that way, things a woman would pass to her daughter, and I never finished them. Some things are for women only, some are for both. Kind of reminds me of that "graduation song" thing that was out a few years ago with the guy reading lists of things to know and it ends up with "always wear sunscreen."

Can't focus today. Finishing up a lot of little details and am just kind of discombobulated, as Calvin & Hobbs would say. Don't really know why. Guess it doesn't really matter.

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