Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it."
--Maya Angelou

Happy Birthday to my brother Mike. I think he's 30 now. Scary!

Well, I survived a trip to the old rich-lady swimsuit shop. I've tried on every combination of suits/coverups/parts at Target, Wally World, Kmart and Dillards. I figured I'd better head to the professionals (plus they had a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale). You think that would be a plus, but it actually just added more pressure! I ended up running on my lunch break, trying on about 30 suits and leaving there spending WAY too much money for 2 suits. One is about 15 years too young for me and one is about 15 years too old. I found the PERFECT combo, but OF COURSE the sizes weren't available for me. It was a gorgeous light blue tank top that pushed up the little chest to fake it and a cute little miniskirt bottom that actually looked CUTE and not just like you were trying to hide your big ass. They had the cute skirt, but the only top was XXL. Even while pregnant I was not an XXL on top, and the little lady helping me said, "well we DO alterations, but I just don't think they can alter it that much" so I've got the cute skirt and a bikini top. Guess it's time to bump up work on the old crunches. Actually, I haven't done anything resembling a crunch or situp unless you count having sex about once every 6 months. SO it's now time to START situps, UGH. And the other suit was this cute cut, like a short tennis-dress that Venus might wear (ok in a size that would fall OFF Venus, but still cute as heck on me) BUT it's got material that resembles a couch in the 70's. I thought, maybe if you squint your eyes....brought it back to work and I thought the admin ladies and sales exec's were going to fall off their chairs laughing at me. Apparently I have the perfect suit if I were 50-55yrs old, so it looks like I just bought my mom a suit.

Tonight's Joey's "family fun water night" at the JCC pool, so I guess I'm going to try out the bikini top thing. Hope not to scare the poor little parents there.

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