Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It woud've been cooler to strap the actual mohair goat to my forehead.

It's summer, which around here means LAKE KNITTING! We went camping for a week in NW Kansas at Lake Webster for a family reunion. LOTS of good food, family fun, beautiful scenery for sitting & knitting, but it was HOT HOT HOT. Another weekend or four spent at the Lake of the Ozarks, also HOT as HELL, but good knitting, food, family, etc.

The only issue was the good old TreasureGoddess Orange Lake Hat was looking a bit rough. Here it is in the glory days.

Well, it's been beaten to heck and has a few light tears that've been glued back together and the cool hat band & metal front piece fell off. In what I thought was a bit of genius, I decided it was the PERFECT place to glue a big, handspun, hand crocheted AND hand felted fire red/orange MOHAIR flower! Right?

Anyone see the problem here? It looks great! The big honking mohair flower has gorgeous texture, it weighs the hat down well so it doesn't blow off in the wind, it's handmade and fabulous, made of one of my truly favoritest fibers on earth, and is HOT AS HOLY HELL!!! It HOLDS IN THE HEAT and basically boils the front of my head. It would've been cooler to strap an actual mohair goat to my forehead. Seriously. Cripes almighty. I can't bear NOT to wear the hat, it provides JUST the right amount of shade, is a permanent part of my personality in the summer, but is almost unbearable to actually WEAR. I also glued the holy heck out of it, so the only way this flower is coming off the hat is to cut a hole in the front of the hat. I can't bear to do that, so it looks like sweaty days ahead.

THIS is what lake knitting is all about. Sitting on the dock, watching the waves, light breeze blowing, sitting and knitting in your swimsuit, hopping in for a quick swim and then back to the knitting.

May your summer knitting be cool and mohair free. :)

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