Friday, July 06, 2012

This yarn makes me SO HAPPY!!!

"This yarn makes me SO HAPPY!" said from an adorable little 8 year old girl while HUGGING the yarn above at the KC Maker Faire.

Having a yarn booth at an event not necessarily for yarnies is an unusual thing. You run into all kinds of comments....."You know you can buy yarn at Wal-Mart, right?"....."Look Tommy, that lady is weaving a scarf"--"Actually, I'm spinning yarn on a spinning wheel."--"No, you're not. You're weaving."--"I'm pretty sure I'm spinning on a wheel."....."Oh that's interesting.".....And lots of people asking good questions, or just standing, amazed, watching the colors and textures wind onto the bobbin while the wheel goes round and round.
My favorite part of the WHOLE EVENT was this adorable little girl that ran over to our booth (shared with FiberTerian), grabbed hold of this skein of apple green thick and thin yarn, hugged it hard and looked up at us both and yelled "THIS YARN MAKES ME SOOOOO HAPPY!" That's what it's all about. This yarn makes ME so happy too, kiddo!

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