Monday, January 31, 2011

A lovely weekend

While the menfolk were all outdoors working and playing the day away, I took care of getting that yarn off the curtain rod, reskeined, photographed and such. The older boys were hauling loads of muddy water out of the 4 foot deep hole in our front yard and then mixing concrete to set up for the basketball goal that Santa brought. The younger boys were snowman building, snow fort building and generally causing mayhem with much glee. (About half an hour later, the snowman's head with hat, nose, buttons, etc was found across the yard after it'd been used to launch in a snow war.

My contributions from the weekend....

I tell you, that Jaycee from Insubordiknit is awesome. She set a spark in me two years ago the first time I took a class from her and her latest class just made it worse. I love me some art yarn. I love spinning it, I love knitting with it, I love looking at it. I just love it.

I do love my own little regular bulky two ply handspun yarn too... This one's called "Be my Valentine".

I need to get another project ready for those boys so that I can have another day of spinning!

PS, the girl child apparently was having her own special day. Just found out via FACEBOOK that she's now got a boyfriend, hanging at the mall with her friends. cripes almighty. I know people have survived having daughters. I've seen it. I'm just not sure I'm strong enough. Good thing there's plenty of fiber and plenty of beer. I'm gonna need them both.

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