Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Seriously. Smokers saved my ass this weekend. I spent the weekend in Harveyville, KS, the home of Yarn School! for an art yarn spinning workshop put on by the amazing Insubordiknit Jaycee! I took her first workshop, Sit and Spin a couple years back and loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVED it. The workshop for 2011 is Softcore & Hardcore. I'm a fan of both. It always amazes me that I not only learned techniques for creating art yarns, but little tips that improve my "regular spinning" skills as well. It was a blast. AND it was at Harveyville. With Nikol's cooking, atmosphere and amazing creative people. I love that place.

Through the whole weekend I took ONE photo. That's it. I was too busy spinning, petting fibers, laughing, EATING, sleeping, relaxing, and....um....getting locked out in the snow in the morning when I was half nekkid. Yup. It was before 8am Sat morning. I had to run out to the van to find a charger & extension cord. No biggie. I put a robe on over my nightgown, slipped on some slippers, grabbed the keys and stuck my phone in the pocket of the robe and ran outside. Got the cords, went back to the door. damn. Locked. 8am. In a robe. NO SOCKS. SLIPPERS. In the snow. cripes almighty.

I wasn't concerned. I banged on the door. A lot. Loudly. Of course this is the FAR door. Everyone's either downstairs eating breakfast or already spinning. More door banging. Still not worried. I was smart enough to have my phone with me. I called Teri & I called Chelle (the fiber girls I drove out with). Nope. No answer. No phone coverage in the basement. Getting a bit cold now. Slightly concerned. Went slipping through the snow to the van. Foot slipped out of the slipper INTO the snow. cripes. Sat in the van, cursing the fact that I don't have internet access on my stupid phone and can't look up the phone number for Yarn School. Slippered my way back to the door and more banging. Starting to FREAK OUT by now. Figured Nikol would have to feed the sheep at some point in the day, so went through the snow in my cold, wet slippers around the school towards the sheep pen. Made it to the front door and saw a little steam rising from the ash can outside the front door. WOO HOO for the smokers! They had the front door unlocked from someone getting that nicotine hit to start the day. YAY!

20 minutes later I was wearing warm socks, CLOTHING and back down amongst the spinners. I have to say I was freaking out a bit, thinking how insane it would be to be stuck OUTSIDE while my spinning class was going on INSIDE without me! I *heart* the smokers. :)

What is it about Yarn School that turns me into a total idiot? Is it just an overload of fiber to the brain? I do have to say, I packed PLENTY of underwear. We don't want a repeat of the Yarn School, Commando Style. I was prepared. I was just an idiot. It's like being around that much creativity just short circuits my brain. I may have been drooling occasionally as well, but I'm calling that the effects of the recent dental surgery.

A photo from my dining room this morning. Lots of goodies from the weekend drying. Curtains are for people with more money than me the unimaginative.

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