Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Boyfriend sweater curse THIS!

No, I'm not actually married already, but the boy got on his knees, asked me to marry him and put the ring on my finger. *sigh* How great is that? I'm going to be an actual wife with an actual husband and a house full of kids. The plan is we're going to get married on a boat in Bimini (somewhere in the Bahamas) by his uncle, who's a ship captain of a small charter sailboat/yacht thing, sometime in February. OK, so I'm a total goof and I just love saying the word MARRIED! I keep flashing back to the whole bit from that movie 16 Candles....."she's getting mallied" "married?" "Yes, MALLIED!" Who'd of thunk it? Jeff got us each simple bands of titanium. At one point in the proposal as he was explaining the metal is so strong it can't be cut even to be sized, he explained that the strength of the metal represents our strong bond for each other. *sigh* OK, so I asked him later if the reason for the titanium wasn't also because that way I couldn't break or warp the rings as I have a tendancy to break almost everything I touch eventually and he admitted that was a perk too.

Jeff was amazing. He had a sweet, goofy grin on his face and it was just wonderful. I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but I was so happy and teary and goofy myself. One of my favorite bits was that he told me later that night that he'd carried both rings around the entire weekend we spent at the Bed & Breakfast and just didn't find the right moment. I laughed and said there were at least 42 perfect moments where we were being quiet and happy and romantic and all. His perfect moment at home really was the perfect moment. Just before bed, I was sleepily knitting just one more row and set my yarn aside. He looked at me, told me he had a suprise for me, went and pulled something out of the closet, brought it behind his back and came and got on his knees next to the bed. It's funny as most of our evenings are spent with the two of us getting sleepy, me knitting, him reading or watching tv and snuggled up next together for a little bit before we turn out the lights. It really was the perfect moment.

WEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm just still giddy as heck. Jeff didn't want to wait for February and we're both wearing our rings now. Kids are all happy and we presented it as just one more bond that makes our family strong and nothing changes, we're still all one big ol' family.

How cool is that?

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