Monday, October 08, 2007

Artwork from our refrigerator

I guess it's a move up from "Hello Crazy Butthead" that we've been sporting for the last month or so. I'm guessing this one is also courtesy of the two 10 yr olds as when I opened the freezer and said "what the heck?" much giggling was heard by David and Elizabeth around the corner and then they were so proud of their work. "Did you see it? *giggle* about the cows? *giggle* *snort* *giggle* Can you believe it?" (snorts were my daughter. I'm afraid she's inherited that ladylike gesture from her momma.)

The ONLY thing I knitted this weekend was my Aunt Dot's socks. She's the one I made the Shedir hat for and is having mostly good days fighting her breast cancer. I thought I could just whip out some socks for her to boot. I mean, if your head AND feet are both cozy the rest of you has to feel better, right? Well, I got the foot and toe done on one pair and just turned the heel on the second one. I forgot that you just don't "whip out" a pair of size 11's. Dang. I know that's not a big size, don't get your dander up people, it's just that I'm not used to knitting that long of a foot. I think I should have enough yarn, weeeee! We'll see. I do love Crafty in a Good Way sock yarn. Gorgeous colors, good feel, good wear and a buttload of yardage. I'm going to keep going on these puppies until they get done and try not get distracted by any other projects. Wish me luck.

The kids have been busy bees picking up bags and bags of acorns. Yes, acorns. Jeff's paying a penny per acorn. The kids are amassing gallon ziplock bags full of them. We've got tons of old oak trees in our front yard and the ground was literally covered with at least 1-2 acorns per square inch. So far he's forked out over $40, which comes to 4000 acorns. It boggles my mind. Then I thought, hey, a couple bags of acorns could get me some new sock yarn! I may have to get picking myself. I think the idea was to give the kids a way to NOT be bored and to earn their own money as well as clearing out the soil a bit for Jeff's fall fertilization/aeration and whatever else he does to the yard. He takes them to his friend's farm and they plant them and throw some out for the deer. Anyone got any ideas of what to do with all these acorns? I've heard of recipes for making acorn pancakes but that's probably not going to happen around here. OK, how weird is it that the recipe page for the acorn pancakes has SQUIRREL recipes on the bottom of hte page? very, very weird. Yes, Jeff has grilled a few squirrels, but I draw the line at cracking and pounding out thousands of acorns when I can buy flour at the damn store. I'm not living off the land yet, dammit. That country shack is still just a shack. I don't go country until it has running water, electricity, air conditioning and "those innnernets" as the local folk call it. Seriously, I'm not making fun. The guy up the road was all excited because he was getting his woman "those innernets" to make her happy.

This was waiting for me this morning from Joey. My favorite flower, a sunflower, done up in iron-beads. The kids spend hours placing these little beads just so on a spiked template and then have an adult iron and fuse them all together. He had told me he was making it for his teacher, could I iron it for him? Turns out it was for his momma. Good kids, huh?

Now that I've finished watching my EZ dvd's I really REALLY want to redo Jeff's neckline on his sweater and add short rows in the back of neck and then decrease in like they say to do. That would be insane, right? I should just leave well enough alone, right? Put down the needles and back away from the sweater, Christine. It's done. Leave it alone. right?

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