Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo. Catch a Knitter by the toe!

So, driving through the parking lot last night after dropping the kids off for an activity I saw this Trekking covered TOE sticking out the window of a minivan. I thought, hmmmmmm. That's either a knitter or someone well loved by a knitter. After stifling the urge to go running up and actually grab the woman by her knitted toe, I approached calmly and saw a woman enjoying the beautiful weather and KNITTING God love her. I'm usually "the knitting mom." Everyone around here is used to it and not only are my kids always told "your mom's over there" before they even get near me but I think people are starting to use me as a reference point. I heard one kid talking on her cell phone to her mom, "Yeah mom, I'm on the side of the school next to the knitting mom. Ok, see you soon." Seriously. I'm like a fixture of the sidewalk or something. Most kids meet up with their parents by the tree, the playground swings, or the side gate. Nope, this girl meets up at the Knitting Mom.

ANYWAY, one would think that this would pull any closet knitters out of the woodwork, wouldn't it? I never, ever see knitters around town except at knitting shops. I was just thinking it was cool as hell to run into an actual knitting mom right there in my own neighborhood. After comparing notes on sock yarns I squooshed the offered poncho in progress, handed over my son's blue toed socks for her to pet and we went on our way. What could be a better evening? Beautiful weather, full moon rising up gloriously in the sky and KNITTERS. Love that shit.

I finished Jeff's boyfriend sweater last night around midnight and finished sewing in the 27 ends. TWENTY SEVEN ENDS. Damn. And they're cotton. (well Calmer cotton blend anyway) The man is an "I don't want a WOOL sweater" kind of a guy. I told him not to worry, his next sweater would be "a blend." Yes, it'll be a blend of THIS SHEEP and THAT SHEEP'S wool. Spit splicing? Oh yeah. Or at least sewing in a couple of ends of Cascade 220 versus all those damn cotton thick crappy 50 gram balls and some even had 3 or 4 knots in them too! rrrrrrrrr

OH, yeah. After the thrill of finishing the thing I of course tried it on myself. (Jeff was traveling and not home last night) Starting to admire it in the mirror I notice a glaring, eye-popping, freak show of an error. The damn raglan perfect pretty accented raglan seam on the left front has a serious WONK in it. funky, damn wrong diagonal wonk. Also the collar rolls a bit. Not panicking I calmly take it off and pull like hell to straighten out the wonk. It makes a tiny bit of difference, but then wonks back its own way. rrrrrrrrrrr I'm taking it in to the guru's that hang out at Knit Wits in Olathe for help. I'm sure I can fix it up with a darning needle and yarn, but I'm getting more irritated and don't trust myself to get it right yet. I'm going to present it to Jeff on Saturday if I get it all fixed up. damn boyfriend sweaters anyway. At least I broke the boy in well by making socks first. He loves them and wears them all the time and is very appreciative of how well they feel and look. Hopefully the big BRIGHT RED sweater will work out and he'll actually wear it. It's not like I was smart and made a neutral sweater for the boy first. Nope. Let's make it bright freaking red with black colorwork. Yeah. Let's do that and then any little mistake will SCREAM out for all to see. Nice. If I can fix the wonk, I'd even wear it myself. Pictures once the boy tries it on. I promise. (Oh and I ended up with almost an entire ball of Calmer left.)

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