Monday, August 13, 2007

Ta Da!

Lake Knitting at its finest. Completed the Jaywalkers, LOVE them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I almost wore them around the cabin, but it was over 100 degrees and humidity was so bad you could actually SEE the water in the air. I thought I'd better save the try on pics for home in air conditioning! You know, a less anal than me woman would maybe want to frog them back and do some work on splicing the yarn or alternating with leftover yarn from the first sock to fix that huge brown funky stripe. It might really drive an anal woman crazy. Yeah. It's totally making me nuts. Good thing I'm too lazy to do that crap. I've now decided I LIKE the big ass brown stripe because it makes it distinctive. I do. I really, really do.

We all (mostly) survived the big Branson trip and Lake blowout with Jeff's family. Mostly. My neck and right butt-cheek and Jeff's brother's cracked ribs would all say otherwise. Ah well. I forgot I was a not-very-in-shape Thirty FREAKING NINE YEAR OLD and not 20 years old. Drank like a fish, went tubing with Jeff, Mr. Daredevil Himself, driving the sea-doo. I don't know if I hurt worse from the massive wipeouts I took or when Jeff's brother in law was wiping out and I was hanging on for dear life on the back end of the seadoo as watcher. Let's just say at one point, Matt was flying and tumbling on top of the water just like you see those super motor boats do when they burst into bits, I was flying the other way OFF the sea doo and slamming into the water and Jeff and the Seadoo were rolling upside down below the water. Not IN the water, the entire seadoo was BELOW the water. yeah. At least the children and various family members were out of harm's way. Then the buttock? Well, after a few more beers and my high level of normal clumsiness, I hopped lightly out of a boat onto the wet wood of the dock and the next thing I know I'm lying flat on my back. People from the OTHER SIDE OF THE LAKE motored over to see if I was alive. It was so bad that I couldn't even get up for about 20 minutes. Yeah. 39 years old. nice. I now have a bruise over the entire right butt cheek that resembles a map of California. It's black and purple and bigger than my entire hand. (I'm wearing the old swimsuit in the pic so I wouldn't stain my new suit all up with lake water. The chic sitting next to me is Jeff's sister. We really had a great weekend! A true end of summer lake blowout!)

Ah well, at least I finished up my socks and we all had a great time. really. I also finished my daughter's first sock and am almost ready to turn the heel of her teal sock also. Here's some various lake pictures:

Jeff's such a sweet man (when he isn't driving me insane and making me want to impale him with my dpns) that he often brings me little things he sees that made him think of me during his days. Sometimes it's a sunflower, sometimes a cool glass sun catcher with an artsy/modern look, sometimes it's this.

Not the flowers, those came from my little garden. The wicker turkey. It was sitting on our kitchen island when he left early on Monday morning and I came down the stairs to say goodbye. I looked at it, went back to bed. When we got home from this big weekend trip I asked him, "um, honey? What's with the wicker turkey?" He smiled proudly and said, "I just saw it and thought of you." He hugged me tightly and kissed me on the head and walked away. I must have had a look on my face that was saying "a wicker TURKEY reminds you of ME? WTF?" because he came up and said he just thought I'd like it. You know, now I really do. I'm thinking it would look bettter with balls of orange, red and brown yarn in it.

I'm off to work and knit on a left butt-cheek leaning angle. Wish me luck.

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