Thursday, August 16, 2007

Come on, sing along! "It's the most, wonderful tiiiiiiiiime of the year."

First day of school official picture. I love looking back at these, it makes me wonder. WHO are these grown up kids that look like me? I think I'll always think of them as little buggers toddling around the house. *sigh*

You know, if I had any friends, I'd have had one heck of a morning cocktail party. Ah well. Ok, I DO have friends, just most of them have jobs, have no kids or are not the heavily-drinking-in-the-morning types. *sigh* Life goes on. I did too much ravelry-ing yesterday and have to get some serious work done now in my VERY QUIET office here at home. I am loving that. I'll be very glad to see the kids again, I highly enjoy my children, I just am really enjoying my quiet time again.

The really strange part of this picture? Is that I have a freakishly large head. Seriously. Whenever you try on those cowboy hats or fitted baseball hats I barely fit into the biggest sizes. Can you imagine how big this would be on a normal person? I know, I know TAKE IT OFF THE NEEDLES AND TRY IT ON. Yeah, been there, done that. For me, I figured it would just be easier to keep knitting and if it doesn't fit I'll rekit it. No biggie. This is from the Dax alpaca that's vegetable dyed and all natural and such. SLICKEST freaking yarn on the planet. I NEVER lose stitches off my needles. never. Until now. Whenever I'd even try to half stretch it out to try it on just a little, stitches were just jumping off my damn needles. I'd fix one, turn arond, and the little bastard had jumped off again and taken his neighbor with him. I finally put down the dpns and got out an itsy bitsy cord from the old denise interchangeables and did it that way.

This is the softest, most luscious yarn I've ever knit with. If it didn't cost $9.95 per skein I'd knit myself a body bag out of it. Or maybe a blanket I could wrap up in. For now, all I can afford is a hat. One hat. Hopefully soon to be a hat that fits my head.

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