Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ulgy doesn't block out....

I think at some point I need to realize that I was NOT meant to have an orange sweater. The current pile above is a Snow White in progress. Pattern is beautiful, yarn is NOT the right thing for this pattern, I'm almost entirely sure. But not totally sure. The yarn is lovely, a slightly thick & thin & nappy Noro Cash Iroha, soft and luxurious. It just is....well....turning out to be more of a Cinderella's ugly stepsister sweater than the beautiful Snow White sweater it was supposed to resemble.

I pulled this mess out of a bag at the back of the yarn stash and figured it was the perfect time to work on this. Actually it's NOT even remotely NEAR the right time, but that's what my fingers decided to knit. Not the pairs of wrist warmers for Christmas presents, not the sweater for my husband (not even cast on yet), not finishing a pair of socks for me, nope. I HAD to knit this ugly, funky, ORANGE, bumpy sweater. Now. I realize a sane knitter would maybe try it on, look in a mirror and face the reality of the ugly, but I just can't do it. It's like a sick obsession. Even though I have a PRETTY BIG FEELING that this thing will be unwearable in public, I have GOT to finish it.

I have a history of the ugly orange sweater quest.....Anyone remember these?

The Toilet Seat Cover Sweater

The Leaky B00B Sweater

Now I have to admit a few sweaters have made it through, this is what gives me that insane hope that even though the pile of orange is looking horrid, it could possibly turn into a vision of loveliness.....

I have at least learned one thing on this insane orange sweater quest. I will NOT weave in all the ends and then try it on and then frog it. Just joined the sleeves to the body and am working up towards the cast off. It shouldn't be long until the Snow White is unvelied in all its hideousness glory. Cross your fingers for me.

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