Monday, October 31, 2011

Knitters Rock and a pirate sheep

I forgot to say that after I'd had that little Incident at the Quick Trip, I went on to the CVS pharmacy. I was waiting on my son's medicine to be prepared so I wandered through the store for a while. As all knitters probably do, I ended up in front of the magazine stand, where there were a few knitting magazines. Not having a lot of energy and being emotionally drained, I sat my butt right on the carpet and began flipping through Vogue Knitting.

A lady walked up behind me in the skinny aisle. I didn't even look up from my magazine, just said "Please let me know if I'm in your way and I'll move my butt off the floor." I heard, "Is that Christine?" I looked up and it was one of our guild members. She gave me a hug, said, "I'm praying for your son and hope he feels better and that you do too." Then she walked away after I tried to say thanks through my tears.

A day that was all kinds of crazy stressful, or as my daughter would say "a hot mess of ugly", suddenly turned into a calm afternoon and I felt loved and hugged. ALL BECAUSE OF A KNITTER. Knitters rock. We do. We find people that are cold and knit things to make them warm. We hug. I love that about us.

I think my new sign I should wear should just say "knitter" and that would explain it all. It means I'm quite crazy and probably have a house full of wool but I'd do just about anything for a friend or for someone in need. I rock. We all need those signs!!

OH and let me know what you think of the pic below as a logo? I'm trying out the pirate sheep idea with the whole TreasureGoddess name.

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