Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sock ER -- Triage

This SHOULD have been my first tutorial and my first step, but I didn't realize how important this step was until just the other day! Take the time to sort through your whole stash of handknit socks. Look at each one, pulling out which need work and which can be put into the drawer for wearing.

This is my big pile of darning. I think I made it through last winter on only FOUR pair of wool socks, avoiding this mess. Ridiculous! Now I'm going to have a WHOLE drawer of warm woolie socks to choose from each day!

Sort the socks into pairs, then pull out all your sockyarn scraps. Find either the original yarn or something of similar color and same fiber.

Bag each pair of socks with its darning yarn into separate baggies. Put them in a basket or shelf with a little bag including a pair of scissors, darning needles and your darning egg (or bouncy ball if you don't have a darning egg).

It seems silly, but spending 15-30 minutes ONCE instead of doing this EACH time you decide to darn a sock makes it so much easier! With everything sorted out, I sat myself down in a comfy chair with good light, grabbed the basket of sorted bags and darned 3 pair in almost no time at all! I'll follow up tomorrow with my favorite darning method, the Woven Darn. :)

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