Monday, October 11, 2010

Save the Wool!

This amazing, wonderful wooly stuff is in danger. Local mills are almost a thing of the past and even in England where wool is king, wool is hitting an all-time low, making it too expensive for many farmers to raise sheep for this amazing fiber. Go hug a sheep and buy some wool from a local yarn shop or online.

Another interesting post of wooliness is from Brooklyn Tweed. Have you heard of his new yarn adventure? Brooklyn Tweed's New Yarn Line is amazing. Not just putting a famous name on a line of existing yarn, this man went out and created his special blends of wools and has amazing patterns to showcase these new yarns (many featuring my true love--garter stitch).

Go on, pull some good old wool out of the stash (or even better go BUY MORE at a LYS, online shop or Etsy Store!) and revel in this amazing fiber. No static electricity, no plasticky scrinch feeling as you knit it, it floats, it stays warm even when wet, it breathes, it wicks moisture away from your body and it's WOOL people. I *heart* it very much. Knit a pair of socks for someone you love. Lets help keep this industry alive.

PS, I totally blame the Stashbuckler for the Sesame Street video. She posted a fabulous Grover clip on her blog and I've been yearning for SS all day long. :)

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