Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raining balls of yarn

OK, I promise to stop with the videos soon! MAN I'd be out there playing with the cats!

You know, one nice thing about moving and packing up all your things is that you have much less places to LOSE your knitting projects. I'm almost finished with the 2nd sock of the last of the sock yarn still in the house, and I can't find the first one. I know it's not been packed. It HAS to be here somewhere. I've only got about half the furniture and NONE of the clutter, so how could I possibly lose the thing? *sigh* Will have to finish packing the last little bits tonight and see if it turns up. I'm not very anal about knitting my socks (compared to almost other piece of knitting I do). I actually LIKE fraternal socks. I love how one may pool in funky manners and the other diagonally stripes. I love that. I do, however, enjoy two socks that are the SAME LENGTH. I need to find the first completed sock so its mate will be reasonably the same length when worn. Yes, I wear long pants with my wool socks. No, nobody will be able to verify if one is longer than the other. Yes, I'll know. And Yes, it WILL make me insane. So maybe I'm not as relaxed about my sock knitting as I thought I was.

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