Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It rocked!

Yes, the Hufflepuff representative is a bit of a slacker, the ONLY ONE not wearing a hand-made house scarf. Hey, there's still TWO MOVIES coming people. I've got time.

My friends rock. A wonderful, fun evening of knitting and eating (Thanks Kelly for the Tastefully Simple Party Goodies) and knitting and then the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I also want it officially stated that I only snored for a SECOND and then promptly woke up and enjoyed the movie. I'M OLD AND IT WAS MIDNIGHT, PEOPLE! Also thanks to Jo Major for grabbing me as I jumped back over my seat at the intense part. Plus, no one can "SHUT IT!" to obnoxious chatty teenagers like Miss Teri. And Jo Minor, no one knows those books and movie details better.

I remember going to one of the early movies all by myself sitting there knitting quietly. How sad is that? You guys rock. I may even cast on for that scarf tonight....or after I take a loooooonnnnggg nap. Next time, I'm taking the day after off from work!

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