Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Before & After

Sure wish I could have gone to Yarn School this last weekend, but am planning to go this Fall in October again. In the Harveyville Project Theme, here's some before & after pics from the kool-aid yarn I dyed while there for our guild's SSK retreat a few weeks back. I always thought kool-aid yarn was just crayon bright boring yarn, but there's some gorgeous stuff out there! Have you seen Jo! Minor's kool-aid silk? Gorgeous. Absolutely Gorgeous. Here's my sockyarn before & afters:

What, did you think I wouldn't dye ORANGE yarn? Seriously? I actually held myself back on the coloring for a subtle orange colorway. Subtle. Me. Who'd of thunk it? I figured I had enough bright, in-your-face orange sockyarn for now. Can't wait to knit these up to see how they turn out.

Directions from our talented teacher Ana are here. Go on and dye yourself some. It was a blast!

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