Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long stories, but with yarn pics.

Story #1...CYG without the Y. Just Crazy Girl at the office place...
OK, notice the BRIGHT orange jacket. Also notice the ONE beaded orange earring and beaded orange necklace.
FIRST, the background for this story. We all know how much fun I've had with the grand wilderness lately. Well, after my 8-tick day, where BY THE WAY I learned you should NOT pull ticks out as their heads pop off and I had two tick heads get all puffy and nasty looking. One in the crook of my elbow so I looked like a heroin user on a bad day, and one on the FRONT OF MY NECK. Lovely. Well, Jeff went to the farm another weekend and was kind enough to bring home a few ticks to share. Sweet man, huh? I got rid of the 2 I found on him. Kids were watching a dog for a neighbor that was out of town earlier in the week. Guess what I got to pull off his belly? Yup another freaking tick. UGH.

AND on an airplane while on my way out of town the Monday am after that, I felt this bump on the back of my neck. Oh. It was a bit tender when I touched it. Try thinking to yourself for an hour flight "I'm sure it's a zit. I'm sure it's a zit. I'm sure it's a zit". It's a bit more calming if you say it just like Dorothy in her "There's no place like home...." voice in your head. Well, I was about a wreck by the time I got my rental car, headed to the main office. You know, you just can't walk up to anyone and say, "Would you look at this thing on the back of my neck and tell me if it's a zit or a tick?" Especially as I only see these people about 5 times a year and they think I'm mostly normal. Turns out it was, in fact, a tick. Sweet. I've now had a week and a half with NO BUGS on my body and would like to keep things that way, thank you very much.

Back to the story. Yesterday, I was walking through the office wearing the outfit you see above. Bright Orange. As I walked past the conference room glass walls, I popped the top of my can of diet coke. It made this strange buzzing sound. At the same exact moment, one of my beaded earrings fell from my ear to the base of my neck onto the beaded necklace, causing a strange feeling plus more noise. Let's just say the bright orange jacket being flung around as I ripped it off combined with my dancing about, slapping myself in the neck, jumping up and down and cursing madly caused a bit of a strange sight for my co-workers on a conference call. Once I saw it was the EARRING and one string of the beaded necklace's BEADS I was feeling and not a swarm of insects attacking me, I felt a bit silly, picked up jewelry and diet coke, glanced into the conference room and started laughing at the looks of shock on the faces of the men sitting there with their mouths hanging open. THANK GOD they weren't on a video conference as the camera shows the surrounding areas as well. This escapade shouldn't make the gossip circles since it happened in the office and not outside the buiding as most of my CYG adventures. These people I work with already know I'm a bit different and are ok with it. Or at least have learned to deal with it. (And seriously, couldn't I have just brushed my neck in a normal fashion while wearing something neutral instead of flailing about while wearing road-construction day glow orange? Cripes almighty.)

Story #2...The earring strikes again...
Later last night I walk into the bathroom, turn my head as I shut the door and hear a splash and thunk. Damn. RIGHT into the toilet. Cripes almighty. That's the 2nd pair of kitchen tongs I had to throw out in the last 2 weeks. The last one? Beth and I used it to pull 2 dead mice from the cage that didn't make it through the cold spell a while back on the back porch. I'm now down to one pair of kitchen tongs. AND have decided that no matter how great the earrings work with the outfit, I've either got to find someway for the bugger to STAY in my ear or pitch it.

Thank goodness I can make yarn and knit. How bat-shit-crazy would I be if I didn't knit? Scary thought.

I made yarn that looks like actual YARN! WOO HOO!
Top pic is some yarn I spun from a lovely hand-dyed wool top in the Beach colorway from the talented Nikol from the Harveyville Project, aka Yarn School. Her etsy site is Art Club. I've got another 4 oz still to spin! This was my first attempt at navaho plying and it went pretty well, if I do say so myself. It turned out to be a soft heavy-worsted weight.

Bottom pic is yarn I spun from fiber purchased at the Mopaca event from JWrayCo. Also 100% wool and fabulous. I think this is the prettiest yarn I've made so far. It's thinner, probably between a fingering and a dk weight, need to do the wraps-per-inch thing to find out. It's freaking GORGEOUS in person. (I did the best I could with my makeshift lightbox of white denim jacket thrown over a laptop.)

And, finally, thanks to Jo! who sent found this picture that pretty much sums up my life. It's so, so true.

And, thanks to commenters and some of Jeff's country friends, I've decided that I will start taking B1 vitamins, eating lots of garlic, wearing good boots and tucking in tank tops under shirts with long sleeves and hats before attempting my next outing in the wilderness. Plus deet. Deet is my friend. My poisonous friend, but my friend.

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