Monday, April 13, 2009

CYG/CKL/TKM to the Rescue!

I think I'll stick with CYG as my Superhero Knitting Identity. (Crazy Yarn Girl--nickname given me by some of my office building workers after a few knitting-related incidents). I went to the bank the other day to cash in some change for the kids. While waiting in line I did what any knitter would do, pulled out my sock and worked away, pleasantly waiting in line. Suddenly I hear this *GASP!* "We've been looking for you!" Not words you want to hear when standing in line at your bank. My heart about stopped, I flashed back to my early 20's where I learned the lesson of just-because-you-have-checks-doesn't-mean-you-have-money. I'm sure I had a horrid look of shock upon my face as the woman said, "OH, no, it's nothing bad, we have just been looking for the Complicated Knitter Lady!" Apparently, my ability to knit a tube is an amazing thing and since there was a new accounts person stuck on her 2nd knitting project, my Complicated Knitter Lady skills were in demand.

After showing this lady (and an additional small audience) how to join stitches in the round and make sure you don't twist stitches, a big sigh of wonder was heard in the room. Man, maybe I should have stuck with the banking world. I was a teller in the early 90's. A job where you worked hard part of the time and got to KNIT the other part? How much would that rock? No, I remember the stress of the banking world. I'll stay a Complicated Knitter Lady customer, thank you very much.

Another knitting superhero task faces me tonight. A couple of the moms asked the Girl Scout leader if she knew "That Knitting Mom" and the rest is history. I'm teaching nine 12 yr olds to knit. Solo. I had my daughter lined up as my super-hero-helper, but she's got to go to a choir meeting for her tour, so can't make it. Damn. So tonight TKM is sucking it up, bringing needles and yarn and a few tween-themed knitting books for inspiration.

I'm thinking knitting a headband for the first project. Cast on 10 stitches, knit garter stitch for around 10" or until it's a little less than wrapped around their heads, bind off and sew ends together. How hard could it be? Anyone besides me worried by the following realization? (of course not, you didn't insanely volunteer to do something that terrifies you, did you?) I was in the elementary education program in college until an observation/teacher aide kind of class and I realized that not only do I not enjoy teaching, but I don't really like children all that much either. A quick college major change was in order. I love all the school stuff like cutting, pasting, coloring, reading, math, etc. Just not the TEACHING of it. Don't get me wrong. I love kids (usually). I love MY kids and I love other kids for short periods of time while SOMEONE ELSE is in charge of them. Yeah. How hard could tonight be, anyway? (Anyone else hear that music that plays as the girl is walking into the path of the serial killer holding the chain saw? Yeah. Me neither.)

AND I've been totally behaving myself at work lately. No knitting escapades to get the gossips' tongues wagging. Except for slightly stalking a woman I swear had YARN in her tote bag. While in the elevator I saw YARN TAILS in the midst of a crammed tote bag. It was just the end of a few tails of yarn, not hanging out in public or anything so I couldn't very well ask about it. Two floors up and she got out. So, I tailed her. Just a bit. I got off the floor at the last minute to see where she worked. NO IDEA of what I'd do with that info. I was just so thrilled that there may be another knitter or crocheter here to bond with! Well, she went into the bathroom. I went into the bathroom. She set down her bag by the sink and it FELL OVER. Being the good samaritan that I am, dove to help her gather her things from the spilled bag. It was a scarf. I saw the fringe. It was an ugly, store-bought acrylic scarf. *sigh* Guess it's still me, the lonely CYG in the building.

Yeah. I thought that was a bit strange, even for me. Resolved to not stalk any more potential fiber people in the building unless there's actual signs of knitting action.

On a more relaxed note, here's what I've been working on lately. Hand-dyed wool fiber from jwrayco that I got from the Alpaca Festival a few weeks back.

Wish me luck tonight. I could never teach knitting classes for a living. I get all sweaty just thinking about it. I keep telling myself, "they're just kids" "I'm bigger than they are" (only some of them, so this one doesn't really work). "I can do this" Ah well. What's the worst that could happen?

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