Monday, March 02, 2009

CYG Strikes Again....

I love when I get on the elevator at a prime smoke-break time. At each floor more smokers got on and the gossip gets better and better. (Oh, and the largest population of the smoke-breakers? Is from an office that does some work with the American Cancer Association. Absolutely NO IRONY there, huh?) The smoking group always has the best conversations to overhear EVER! Well, today's topic was the most recent sighting of CYG. "Who's CYG?" one asked. "Crazy Yarn Girl" replied 3 others.

Oh. (Thinking to myself that this is a small office building to have TWO Crazy Yarn Girls, so I quietly shoved the yarn tails were hanging outside the mail bag I was carrying.) Come on, doesn't everyone carry emergency knitting projects for elevator trips to the lobby? Our elevators often shudder, shake and shimmy. Other elevator conversation is often about how loud the "elevator crickets" are squeaking that day. I'm not getting stuck in one without some yarn and needles.

Well, as the floors went down, the gossip got better. Apparently CYG was spotted taking pictures of scarves hanging IN TREES! While standing IN THE SNOW! "Can you believe it?" The Stall Knitting Incident was mentioned as the door opened and the laughter followed the group out the back door. Thank God I got out of there before the the Bathroom Dancing Incident was brought up.

Between all of this they talked about how could someone like crocheting that much? I was quite proud of myself for not screaming IT'S KNITTING PEOPLE! Though I do crochet, it's mostly afghans and even I would draw the line at hanging an afghan in a tree outside my office building. Scarves, hats and socks, YES. Afghans, NO.

Can you blame me? The lighting? Fabulous. The trees? Gorgeous. The snow? Makes for a natural light box just waiting for a yarny goodness photo shoot. I do actually use the side of the building that no one ever walks by and wait until no one's outside watching before arranging my knitted objects. Apparently those WITH WINDOWS (no frustration there for this little window-less office-less one, huh?) get to sit watching OUTSIDE them to see deer frolicking in the woods and CYG frolicking among the trees.

Pattern: my own Magical Malabrigo Scarf, which shows off the handspun yarn just beautifully.
Yarn: the very same handspun that looked like my grandma's crocheted toilet cover in the sweater recently. It's much happier as a scarf. It's gorgeous.

I mean, come on, how much cooler are those shots than the usual laying-on-the-carpet shot?

And since the blue handspun scarf, in Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf didn't want to get left out of the fun, here's the shots of it as well.

And to show off both my newly spun fibers and the newly acquired niddy noddy.

And finally an action shot of the husband's Xmas Eve sweater.

Wheel watch continues. It was supposed to be delivered TODAY by ups, but hasn't made it yet. The countdown goes on...

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