Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Yarn Hopscotch, Noro Style

Yarn Hopscotch photo hopscotch.jpg
Sorry about the dirty looking foot there, but I was walking about in the backyard before the hopscotch urge took over. No time for putting on shoes or washing of feet when the wool crazies hit, you know. :) SO I can't stop knitting these squares! Pattern is Paintbox Log Cabin by Katherine Keyes (Free Pattern!). Yarn is 20 skeins of Noro Kureyon. Yes, I know. I do. I got a great deal on 2 bags at Instead of the usual pattern using all different squares, I thought I'd try a coordinated blanket this go-round. My house is currently the home of many, many crazy yarn style afghans and I thought I'd like to see what people who's things MATCH live. It's an odd colorway, as are most of the noro kureyon yarns actually, but it's growing on me. I'm just knitting them up as they are in the skein. It's like yarn crack. Just one more square....Just one more square....Just one more square... I've just broke into the 2nd bag, so I have a feeling this warm, wooly blanket will be ready in the midst of a hot, humid August summer in Kansas. Awesome. At least the square knitting is knitting up quickly. I may wait until cooler weather to put it all together. I think I'll add a dark charcoal grey around each square, then join by 3 needle bind-off into rows and just keep going. Anyone got other obsession knitting going? I keep trying to start other projects, but the squares, man....they just keep calling my name.

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